Emergency services

Our arguments for safety and ergonomic handling are low weight paired with high stability due to lightweight construction. Anodized aluminum means easy cleaning - your work clothes will appreciate it.

  • Lightweight (low weight, superior stability & safety)
  • Anodized aluminum (protection due to surface hardness & cleanliness for clothing)
  • Service and maintenance (modular exchangeable parts & high compatibility)

The carriage and the stretcher form the basis of our rescue system. Here we demonstrate the various models and accessories designed to meet your specific needs in rescuing.

Civil and desaster protection

for ministries and countries.

Stollenwerk products are internationally in demand, including the development of a stretcher for the Dutch, British, Czech and German army. For the Swiss Army Stollenwerk developed a special stretcher support stand. 

From this experience Stollenwerk derived key products for civil and disaster protection.